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Transylvania bioarchaeology field schools

by Ed Hagen last modified Nov 14, 2013 06:03 PM
For this second year we are pleased to offer 2 bioarchaeology field schools.

Migration, Health, and Lifestyle in the Kingdom of the Gepids (Transylvania)
For the 2014 field season, we will continue examining and analysing skeletal remains belonging to the Gepid culture, excavated from the Northeastern plains of Transylvania.  All analytical work will take place in the National History Museum of Transylvania (MNIT), located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. If available, students will also have the opportunity to experience bioarchaeological fieldwork.

Jucu de Sus Barbarian Necropolis Excavations
The Jucu de Sus necropolis project is beginning in 2014 as a collaborative project between Transylvania Bioarchaeology and the Institutul de Arheologie și Istoria Artei din Cluj-Napoca. The aim of the 2014 field season is to excavate the skeletal remains and the associated material culture from the necropolis in order to further define the relationship between the necropolis and the surrounding settlements, as well as to attempt to understand the social customs, palaeodemography, origins, and health status of the population.

If you have students interested in excavating human skeletal remains, we would be grateful for letting them know about this opportunity.

Please find attached our 2014 field schools poster. We will be very honored if you post it on the message board of your Department and spread the information about the Field School among the students.

You can get more info about our projects at

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Sabrina Gloux
PhD Student
Department of Anthropology, University of Montreal

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