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Teaching Workshop on "Genomics and Anthropology in the Classroom" at the 2013 AAPA Meeting

by Ed Hagen last modified Mar 11, 2013 12:44 AM
Wednesday, April 10 2-5pm in 300B (**not 1:00 PM as in AAPA Program). The American Association of Anthropological Genetics (AAAG) will offer a workshop on “Genomics and Anthropology in the Classroom” at the AAPA meeting in Knoxville. This workshop will provide participants with strategies for teaching next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, concepts, and studies in anthropological classes. The workshop will target a non-technical audience, and will feature speakers consisting of investigators directly involved in genomic research and educators who have integrated such research into their teaching regimens. This session has the potential to benefit anyone teaching in biological anthropology.

The workshop will consist of three (3) one-hour sessions.  The first session will provide an overview of NGS technologies. The second session will feature an exploration of the intersection between genomics and anthropological questions using specific case studies drawn from exciting lines of current research in paleogenomics, human population demography, and selection/adaptation in humans and primates. The third  session will feature a discussion session addressing the practical issues of implementing genomics into an anthropology classroom.

This session is open to all interested parties who are registered for the AAPA, Paleopathology, or HBA meetings.  For more information, please contact Paul Babb at (

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