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Meetings registration extended and other meetings updates

by Ed Hagen last modified Mar 11, 2013 05:53 PM
Dear AAPA Members: Our Knoxville meetings are fast approaching! We are pleased extend the online registration deadline (and lower registration rates) to March 20th this year.

You can find the registration info at:

There are still a few lunch spots open for Dr. Bill Bass' AAPA Luncheon presentation on "The Autopsy of the "Big Bopper." My Role in Investigating the Death of an Early Rock & Roll Icon"
These will be filled on a first come, first served basis - so order soon!  If we overrun the room limit, your money will be refunded in the order in which your requests were received.

Also on the webpage are links to the browsable program, the full AAPA program pdf, and the Committee on Diversity Undergraduate Research Symposium program.  

Note a few key events and differences from years past....

WEDNESDAY night there are many pre-reception festivities including the Committee on Diversity Undergraduate Research Symposium (6:30-8:30 pm) and the Committee on Diversity Mixer (5-6:30).
THURSDAY night their are Plenary Poster and Plenary Cast sessions along with many other festivities including the Live and Silent Auctions, which start earlier this year (see below for donating)
FRIDAY the Business Meeting and Awards Event starts at 5:45 just after sessions end.  ALL members are welcome.
SATURDAY the Student Awards Reception will be better than ever.

If you have an item for the AUCTION Thursday night. Please contact me at  We have lots of great things including a full standing reconstruction of the Australopithecus sedibaskeleton. A luxury resort vacation in next year's venue, Calgary.  Special raffles for Student Members.  And much much more.

See y'all in Knoxville!


Susan C. Antón

Vice President, American Association of Physical Anthropologists

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