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Regular membership in the AAPA is open to professional physical anthropologists, advanced students, professionals in cognate sciences, and others who have demonstrated qualification by publication or professional activities. Regular members are entitled to receive all AAPA publications and mailings, to vote in all AAPA elections, and to hold office in the Association. Student members and special members are entitled only to receive AAPA publications and mailings. Candidates for all three classes of membership must be nominated by an AAPA member and approved by the Membership Committee and the annual business meeting of the Association. Here are the membership categories and fees:

Regular Member $130
Regular membership is open to professional anthropologists, advanced students showing evidence of professional capacity, professionals in cognate sciences, and others who have demonstrated qualification by publication or professional activities.

Retired (Emeritus/a) Membership $65 is available to regular members after normally 25 years in good standing who have retired. Retired members are relieved of payment of Association dues without impairment of standing but must continue to pay subscription costs to continue receiving Association publications.

Student Member $65 is open to bona fide students for a maximum of six years. Extensions for additional years are subject to annual reapplication.

Special Member $130 is open to persons with a professional interest in physical anthropology currently not desiring or accepted for regular membership may also apply for, or continue, special membership.

Spouse (all categories above) $15

Life Member $1600 is open to individuals who would otherwise qualify for regular membership

Qualifying Country Membership Rate of $40.00 for regular and special membership and $20.00 for student membership is available to residents of some countries. Click here for the qualifying country list.


General questions regarding membership categories, qualifications and requirements can be directed to Josh Snodgrass (jjosh at uoregon dot edu).

Membership is handled by Allen Press (NOT THIS WEBSITE):


Click here for Member services at Allen Press

Click here to apply for Membership on line at Allen Press


If you have questions about the current status of your membership or AJPA subscription, please e-mail

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