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University College Dublin: post-doctoral position in physical anthropology/bioarchaeology

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Positions Summary: The Earth Institute and School of Archaeology, University College Dublin, invites applications for a two-year post-doctoral fellowship as part of a Irish Research Council funded project directed by Prof. Ron Pinhasi: "From hunters to farmers: the evolution of human populations preceding the emergence of agriculture". The postdoctoral fellow will be part of a new Centre of Human Evolution at University College Dublin, focusing on the study of human evolutionary biology, genetics, and major prehistoric dispersals and transitions.


This project investigates how people's diet and health in prehistory changed during the shift from hunter-gatherer lifeways to those of the first farmers through multidisciplinary analyses of prehistoric human skeletons to elucidate the impact of this pivotal cultural and economic change in world prehistory on people's lives, their embodied experiences of their environments and the implications for our understanding of long-term demographic changes in prehistoric north Africa, the Near East and Europe.

The project will involve applying methods which facilitate the collection of high-resolution data on diet (plant microfossils, stable isotopes), craniofacial and dental morphology (3D surface scans, micro-CT, geometric morphometrics), palaeopathology. These will provide the means to: (a) assess the diet of pre-agricultural populations, (b) assess past breastfeeding and weaning practices  (c), investigate population variation in craniofacial and mandibular morphology, (d) obtain high resolution data on the dentition and (e) analyse changes in the prevalence of a range of oral pathologies. The study’s work packages will also involve carrying out some ancient DNA Next Generation Sequencing analyses with a focus on molecular sexing.

Postdoctoral position (PDR2) will focus on morphological and morphometric analyses of the craniofacial complex and mandible, occlusal patterns, macrowear, enamel thickness, root morphology/morphometry and oral pathology applying geometric morphometrics and other methods (in collaboration with Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel, U. of Kent, and Stefano Benazzi, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig).

Posts duration: 24 months

Starting date: March 1st , 2014

Application deadline: February 7th, 2014

Candidate should apply to the PDR2 position which is advertised on the UCD recruitment page:

Applications directed to the School of Archaeology or PI will not be accepted.

Any queries about the positions should be emailed to:

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