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Duke University part-time or fulltime Associate in Research

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The Nunn Lab at Duke University is looking for a part-time or fulltime Associate in Research. The position will provide unique opportunities to participate in research first-hand, with an emphasis on statistics and phylogenetic comparative methods in R, development of online resources, and construction of original databases on primate behavior, ecology and morphology. Training will be provided as needed. The ideal candidate would be an upcoming (or recent) graduate from an undergraduate program in evolutionary anthropology, biology, statistics, or computational biology. Applicant should have basic skills in statistics, computer programming, or phylogenetics, and an interest in developing those skills for future research endeavors.


The initial duration will be one year, with possibilities for a second year of funding based on performance; start date is between May and August, 2014.  The position is funded through the National Science Foundation for research on “Using Primate Comparative Biology to Understand Human Uniqueness” (BCS-1355902).   Applications should include a cover letter, name and contact information for two references, and a CV.  Applications will be evaluated starting on April 1, 2014, and we aim to fill the position as soon as possible.  Please send application materials and questions to Prof. Charles Nunn,

Duke University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA Employer.

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