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2009 Student Prize winners

by Ed Hagen last modified Jun 09, 2009 03:42 PM

Juan Comas Prize:  Lynn E. Copes of Arizona State University for “How and Why Do Humans Grow Thin Skulls?  A Test of the Systemic Robusticity Hypothesis.” 

Earnest A. Hooton Prize:  David J. Green of George Washington University for “Factors Contributing to Hominoid Shoulder Morphology:  Muscle Size, Ontogeny, and Behavior.” (Co-authors: Hamrick and Richmond). 

Ales Hrdlika Prize: Adam D. Foster from the University of Arizona for “Muscle Force Production During Bent-knee, Bent-hip Walking in Humans.”  (co-authors:  Raichlen, Pontzer and Sockol) 

Mildred Trotter Prize:  Olga Panagiotopoulou from University of York for “Testing the Adaptive Significance of the Catarrhine Symphysis Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA).” (co-author: Cobb). 

Sherwood L. Washburn Prize: Amy Lu from Stony Brook University for “Natural Birth Control: Seasonal Increases in Fecal Progestins Affect Reproductive Function in Wild Female Phayre’s Leaf Monkeys (Trachypithecus phayrei).” (co-authors:  Borries, Czekala and Beehner ).  


The AAPA also awarded twenty-eight William S. Pollitzer Travel Awards this year, a three-fold increase from last year.  We hope the number of these awards will continue to increase in future years. Winning essays for 2008 can be read on the AAPA web-site.  The 2009 recipients are: 

Mark Beary, University of Missouri; Jessica Brinkworth, City University of New York; Ryan Campbell, Southern Illinois University; Stephanie Child, University of Missouri; Lynn Copes, Arizona State University; James Cray, University of Pittsburgh; Kathryn Driscoll, University of Tennessee; Heather Garvin, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Lesley Gregoricka, Ohio State University; Nanda Grow, Texas A&M University; Emily Hammerl, University of Buffalo; Heather Hassel, Stony Brook University; Mary Kelaita, University of Michigan; Cassandra Koontz, Vanderbilt University; Britney Kyle, Ohio State University; Sarah Lacy, Washington University in St. Louis; Denise Liberton, Pennsylvania State University; Sara Lynch, University of Buffalo; Tracie McKinney, Ohio State University; Rachel Menegaz, University of Missouri; Katie Miller, Arizona State University; David Pappano, University of Michigan; Eleanna Prevedorou, Arizona State University; Ellen Quillen, Pennsylvania State University; Terrence Ritzman, Arizona State University; Elizabeth Rowe, Temple University; Anna Vick, University of Florida; Leslie Williams, Ohio State University.

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