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2008 Student Prize winners

by Ed Hagen last modified Jun 02, 2009 04:41 PM


Juan Comas Prize Heather Hassel
Heather Hassel (Stony Brook University) How reliable are density estimates in diurnal primates? (co-authors: C. Borries, E. Larney, M. Umopanjan, & A. Koenig).
Earnest A. Hooton Prize Nicole Griffin
(George Washington University) Comparative in vivo forefoot kinematics in extant hominids. (co-authors: K. D'Août, P. Aerts, & B.G. Richmond).
Ales Hrdlicka Prize Meghan M. Moran
(Kent State University) Walkers vs. non-walkers: a comparison of femoral neck cortical bone in humans.(co-authors: C.E. Hilton & B.G. Richmond).
William S. Pollitzer Prize Wendy Black, University of Cape Town
Tafline Crawford, Wash. University
Jessica Joganic, Arizona State University
Lisa Pulliam, Western Oregon University
Jill Scott, University of Iowa
Melisa Kiyamu Tsuchiya, University of Albany
Meghan Healy, University of New Mexico
Elisabeth Nicholson, Northwestern University
Mildred Trotter Prize R. A. Menegaz
R. A. Menegaz (University of Missouri) Loaded and spaced out: plasticity and function of the palate in rabbits, with implications for australopith facial form. (co-authors: S. V. Sublett, S. D. Figueroa, T. J. Hoffman, & M. J. Ravosa).."
Sherwood L. Washburn Prize Joseph Orkin
(Washington University) Is primate-like grasping needed for fine branch feeding? Terminal branch use in eastern gray squirrels Sciurus carolinlensis. (co-author: H. Pontzer).
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