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2007 Student Prize winners

by Ed Hagen last modified Jun 02, 2009 02:12 PM


Juan Comas Prize Maria Serrat
Department of anthropology and School of Biomedical Sciences. Kent State University.
Presentation: "Effects of rearing temperature on long bone growth in mice: an experimental model for examining Allen’s rule." (Co-authors: D. King and C.O. Lovejoy)
Earnest A. Hooton Prize Erin Leslie
Northwestern University, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology.
Presentation: "A comparative analysis of internal cranial anatomy in the Hylobatidae."
Ales Hrdlicka Prize Valerie Andrushko
Department of Anthropology, University of California. Santa Barbara
Presentation: "Strontium isotope evidence for prehistoric migration in the valley of Cuszco, Peru." (Co-authors: M.R. Buzon, A. Simonetti and R.A. Creaser)
William S. Pollitzer Prize Elizabeth DiGangi, University of Tennessee.
Amy Farnbach, Arizona State University.
Rebecca Gray, University of Florida.
Robert Omalley, University of Southern California.
Susan Landers Roberts, University of Colorado
Kristin Young, University of Kansas
Mildred Trotter Prize Christopher Gilbert
Interdepartmental doctoral program in anthropological sciences, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY.
Presentation: "Cranio-mandibular morphology supporting the molecular African papionin clades and the identification of Cercocebus antiquus."
Sherwood L. Washburn Prize Campbel Rolian
Department of Anthropology, Harvard University.
Presentation:"Walking, running and the evolution of short toes in humans." (Co-authors: D.E. Lieberman, J.W. Scott and J.Hamill)
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